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Recap: 2023 Atlanta New Items Trade Tasting

On January 19th, 2023, Empire Distributors, Inc. of Georgia customers and trade members were invited to our annual New Item Trade Tasting for the Atlanta area!  The 2023 Atlanta New Items Trade Tasting brought together many of Empire’s newest brands with retail & on-premise beverage buyers from across the Atlanta, GA area. Read on to get a recap at some of the suppliers & brands that attended the event and their featured items available in the Atlanta, Georgia market.

Meiomi Wines

About Meiomi: Made like no other for a taste like no other. Meiomi’s approach of complementary blending achieves wines that are easy to love and hard to forget. By combining California’s exemplary qualities into a single wine, Meiomi achieves unforgettable balance, complexity and richness of flavor.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Meiomi Bright, Meiomi Red Blend

The Hess Collection Winery

About The Hess Collection Winery: Recognized as one of the premier family-owned and family-led companies in the world of wine, Hess stands committed to pushing boundaries and elevating standards to craft wines of distinctive character. Each of the family’s wine brands – The Hess Collection on Mount Veeder and the Lions Head Collection of Napa Valley—produce outstanding, highly acclaimed wines committed to sustainable farming and winemaking practices.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Hess Collection Iron Corral Cabernet Sauvignon, Hess Maverick Ranches Cabernet Sauvignon, Hess Shirtail Ranches Chardonnay, Hess Shirtail Ranches Pinot Noir, Hess Lions Head Collection-Lion Tamer Red Blend, Hess Lions Head Collection: Lion Tamer Cabernet Sauvignon

Filthy Foods

About Filthy Foods: Filthy Foods presents the only line of truly premium drink garnishes made specifically to be served with alcohol. For decades, oily, salty, salad olives have been re-purposed to garnish premium drinks. Filthy provides a delicious, balanced and memorable alternative that complements premium alcohol by not masking the subtle flavors of the cocktail, while adding to the overall drinking experience.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Filthy Foods Black Cherry, Black Cherry Syrup, Bloody Mary Mix, Blue Cheese, Natural Margarita Mix, Olive Brine

Levendi Winery

About Levendi Winery: Owned by the Gianulias family, Levendi Winery has a centuries long tradition of making wine in Greece – primarily Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. The name “Levendi” in Greek is a toast referring to a toast to “celebrate life” and wine’s memorable moments. 
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Levendi Cabernet Sauvignon Legacy Howell Mt, Levendi Cabernet Stagecoach Atlas Peak

Tastings from Oxbow Rum Distillery (Coming Soon)

False River 

About False River: Distilled from sugarcane grown on the riverbanks of False River in Pointe Coupée, Louisiana, this small batch spiced rum is blended with a proprietary recipe of natural botanicals, with hints of orange and vanilla. The 88-proof rum is best enjoyed slowly…over ice or in a cocktail.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: False River Spiced Rum

Oxbow Estate Rum

About Oxbow Estate Rum: These fine sipping rums embody the essence of Louisiana sugarcane. Oxbow uses two incredibly rare and coveted ingredients: fresh-pressed cane juice and Grade A molasses. Unfiltered and distilled in small batches, Oxbow Estate Rum has no sweeteners or additives.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Oxbow Barrel Aged Louisiana Straight Rum, Oxbow Rhum Louisiane (unaged Agricole)

Tastings from Rathbone Wine Group

Mount Langi Ghiran

About Mount Langi Ghiran: Established in 1969, Mount Langi Ghiran is now home to one of Australia’s most iconic cool climate wines, Langi Shiraz. The first vines were planted on the property in the late 1800s at the site which is now their ‘Contour Block’, but it’s when the Fratin family replanted in 1969 that Mount Langi Ghiran really came to be.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Mount Langi Ghiran Billi Billi Shiraz, Mount Langi Ghiran Shiraz Cliff Edge Grampians


About Xanadu: Tucked away in Australia’s south-west corner just 4km from Margaret River’s town centre and an equal distance from the magnificent coastline, Xanadu has a long history of crafting outstanding wines that embody all the region has to offer. One of the region’s first vineyards established in 1977 by Dr John Lagan, and now one of the country’s most acclaimed wineries, Xanadu is a true reflection of its idyllic setting and poetic namesake.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Xanadu Cab Sauvignon, Xanadu Circa 77 Cabernet Sauvignon, Xanadu Circa 77 Chardonnay

Yering Station

About Yering Station: With vines first planted in 1838, Yering Station is proudly Victoria’s first vineyard. A jewel of the Yarra Valley, they produce world-class cool climate wines from their vineyards which are famously renowned for their expressive varietal integrity. Considered one of the region’s leading wineries, their wines attract attention and admiration from wine lovers across the globe.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Yering Station Chardonnay, Yering Station Pinot Noir

Tastings from Royal Wine Co.

Barkan Vineyards

About Barkan Vineyards: Born at the end of the 19th century, Barkan Vineyards is a wine paradise. With a focus on quality grapes, the top-grade breeds were brought from all over the world and put in Barkan Vineyards in Israel.Barkan winemakers have gained world-wide renown and won prestigious awards due to the exceptional wine quality and the brave grape breed combinations.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Barkan Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon

Tulip Winery

About Tulip Winery: In 2003, the Itzhaki family fulfilled their long-held vision by founding the Tulip Winery, an expression of their great love of wine and huge love of people. It was a true milestone – combining fine, high quality wines with a committed contribution to the community.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Tulip Black Tulip

Vera Wang Party

About Vera Wang Party: A premium Italian prosecco made for celebrating life’s moments, big and small. Made with an attention to detail that gives it a distinct, bold aesthetic and unique voice, Vera Wang Party is a light, refreshing and effervescent wine, with a playful yet sophisticated tone.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Vera Wang Party Prosecco Rose

Tastings from Sovereign Brands

Bumbu Rum

About Bumbu Rum: In Barbados, where Original Bumbu is made, rum isn’t just another spirit. It’s the original rum island, where rum was first created some 400 years ago. At Bumbu Rum Company rums are crafted from a blend of the finest sugarcane we can find, exceptionally balanced and smooth, without sacrificing the richness and complexity that makes our distilleries in Barbados and Panama the world’s best – even if we’re a little biased.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Bumbu Rum Crème, Bumbu Rum The Original Rum, Bumbu XO Rum

Luc Belaire

About Luc Belaire: Luc Belaire is a family of sparkling wines from some of France’s finest winemaking regions. Established in 1898, sixth generation winemakers oversee production of each bottle of Luc Belaire, ensuring that the perfect balance is realized in each bottling, and creating the elegant, refreshing blend characteristic of our house.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Luc Belaire Bleu, Gold, Luxe, Rose, Luxe Rose

McQueen and Violet Fog Gin

About McQueen and Violet Fog Gin: McQueen and the Violet Fog is an extraordinary gin handcrafted in the hills of Jundiaí, Brazil, thousands of miles away from the traditional gin world. Twenty-one exotic botanicals used in the distillation process including many rarely found in gin like lemongrass, pomelo peel, orris root and jasmine flower.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: McQueen and Violet Fog Gin

Villon Cognac

About Villon: Crafted in the heart of beautiful southwestern France, Villon represents a revolution of France’s oldest and most renowned spirits. Villon is exquisitely blended with a touch of VSOP cognac, fine spirits distilled from French wheat and rich natural flavors. The result is something altogether extraordinary.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Villon VSOP Cognac

Tastings from Vineyard Brands

Domaines Comte de Malet Roquefort

About Domaines Comte: Having settled in Saint-Émilion in 1705, the Malet Roquefort family of Domaines Comte de Malet Roquefort has a history in Bordeaux spanning more than three centuries. Founded on the four guiding principles of excellence, elegance, authenticity and independence, the Malet Roqueforts have passed on their traditions, generation after generation, and today Alexandre de Malet Roquefort is at the helm of Domaines Comte de Malet Roquefort. Like his ancestors, he shares a passion for wine and for the Saint-Émilion terroir which they call home.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Chateau Armens St. Emilion Grand Cru, Chateau Chapelle D’Alinor by Chateau La Gaffeliere

Chateau Climens

About Chateau Climens: Chateau Climens today, and over the past decade or two, has become one of the most popular producers of Sauternes wines. Located in the commune of Barsac, Climens is planted on perfect terroir to produce great sweet, Bordeaux wine.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Château Climens, Asphodèle Bordeaux Grand Vin Blanc Sec


About Enroot: Founded by friends Brad Pitt, Cristina Patwa and John Fogelman, Enroot is a non-alcoholic ritual masterfully crafted by James Beard chefs. The organic beverages are small batch and slowly brewed cold in northern California with ayurvedic botanicals, loose tea leaves and fresh fruits. The result is an award-winning bright and refined taste with 0% ABV.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Enroot Apple Lemon Cayenne Yerba Mate, Peach Hibiscus Jasmine Green Tea, Raspberry Mint White Peony Tea, Strawberry Lavender Rosemary Tuls

Famille Perrin

About Famille Perrin: As the leading organic wine grower of the Southern Rhône Valley, Famille Perrin occupies the regions best terroirs. Their values have given them a worldwide reputation for excellence: absolute respect for the soil, a commitment to manual methods and a deep belief that organic viticulture is the only way to express the true essence of the terroir.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Famille Perrin Les Sinards CDP

La Vieille Ferme

About La Vieille Ferme: La Vieille Ferme has been popular with wine lovers for over 40 years. Produced in a peaceful and sunny region of the Southern Rhône, each color is an expression of its terroir. It’s the ideal wine for an enjoyable moment with friends and is a faultless food pairing.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: La Vieille Ferme Blancs de Blanc, La Vieille Ferme Brut Rose

Louis Michel & Fils

About Louis Michel & Fils: The Michel family have been cultivating their passion for tradition and the Chablis terroir since 1850. In the mid-20th century, the family decided to stop making wine in wooden barrels, preferring to create clean, pure, and precise Chablis without adding artificial woody tastes. Through this philosophy, combined with the limited yields inspired by organic wine-growing techniques, the domaine has developed a worldwide reputation for fine winemaking in stainless steel tanks.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Louis Michel Chablis

Umani Ronchi

About Umani Ronchi: The Umani Ronchi story is one of ancient vines, land, and people. It began more than half a century ago at Cupramontana, in the heart of Verdicchio Classico country, and has spread further. Today, Umani Ronchi is owned by the Bianchi-Bernetti family, who since 1959 have been making superb quality craft wines, coaxing the best out of the Verdicchio and Montepulciano grapes that find their finest expression in the Marche and Abruzzo regions.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Umani Ronchi Centovie Rosato – Organic

Tastings from E&J Gallo Lux


About Argiano: Argiano is one of the oldest winemaking estates in Montalcino with a rich history dating back to the Renaissance. The estate was founded in 1580 and has served as a bastion of winemaking through the centuries, as well as home to noble families and popes. Today, Argiano is widely acknowledged as one of the finest producers in the district for crafting Brunello di Montalcino.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Argiano Solengo


About Brancaia: The Brancaia wine adventure in Tuscany began in 1981. Since the beginning, our focus has been an uncompromising attitude towards quality and the production of authentic wines in harmony with nature. Every Brancaia wine is a reflection of the magical territory where it was created.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Brancaia Ilatraia

L’usine Cellars

About L’usine Cellars: L’usine is the French word for “The Factory.”  It is an homage to all the Warhols of the world. All those with disdain for the status quo of a defined or insinuated model.  All of those with the defiant nature shared by artists and winemakers past and present. 
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: L’usine Pinot Noir

Mount Peak Winery

About Mount Peak Winery: The Mount Peak story begins more than a century ago at the celebrated Monte Rosso Vineyard and culminates with the revival of Mount Peak Winery, a vestige of one of California’s ghost wineries. Our wines are inspired by this great place, and we pay tribute to the extraordinary winery that once stood there by capturing its enduring spirit in our wine.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Mount Peak Rattlesnake

Poggio al Tesoro

About Poggio al Tesoro: Bolgheri, the world-class Wine region on the beautiful Tuscan Coast, is the birthplace of the internationally-revered reds known as Super Tuscans. Marilisa Allegrini, owner of the Allegrini estate, the Veneto’s most acclaimed winery, fell for this breathtaking land and saw in it the opportunity for an exciting new project. That was the birth of Poggio al Tesoro – a special place to mix Allegrini’s grand Italian roots with Marilisa’s innovation, imagination and passion to explore international grape varieties.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Poggio al Tesoro Solosole Vermentino

The Language of Yes

About The Language of Yes: From Cigars (Flying) to the Rhône Ranger to Popelouchum, Randall Grahm has a long history of reimagining the traditions of France in a distinctly personal way. The Language of Yes (a distinctly odd name) is Randall’s next chapter. A continued exploration of the central California Coast through small-batch vinous experiments, light touches and a deep love of the land.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: The Language of Yes Grenache

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