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Recap: 2022 Nashville Spirits Trade Tasting

On August 23rd, 2022, Empire Distributors, Inc. of Tennessee customers and trade members were invited to our annual Trade Tasting for the Nashville area!  The 2022 Nashville Trade Tasting brought together many of Empire’s suppliers with retail & on-premise beverage buyers from across the Nashville, TN area. Read on to get a recap of some of the suppliers & brands that attended the event and their featured items available in the Nashville, Tennessee market.

Deep Eddy (Heaven Hill Distilleries)

About Deep Eddy: Deep Eddy Vodka is handmade in Austin, Texas in a tiny distillery by Clayton Christopher (creator of Sweet Leaf Tea Beverages) and Chad Auler (creator of Savvy Vodka) – two guys serious about creating a superior beverage. Using only local, natural ingredients, experiences and years of tinkering, they set out to raise the bar. Raise but one glass of Deep Eddy, and you’ll see the boys did just that.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Deep Eddy Soda Grapefruit, Deep Eddy Soda Lemon, Deep Eddy Soda Lime, Deep Eddy Lemon, Deep Eddy Lime, Deep Eddy Original, Deep Eddy Ruby Red

Four Roses

About Four Roses: Handcrafted from 10 distinct bourbon recipes, Four Roses is extraordinarily one of a kind. Their passion for quality and pride in handcrafting an award-winning Bourbon is evident in the smooth, mellow taste that has become the signature of the Four Roses Brand.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Four Roses Bourbon, Four Roses Single Barrel, Four Roses Small Batch, Four Roses Small Batch Select

Equiano Rum

About Equiano: As the world’s first African and Caribbean rum, Equiano is committed to reclaiming the narrative around rum by respecting its history and crafting a new future. In their pursuit of redefining a four-century-old industry, Equiano creates unique blends of rum from around the world that honors the legacy of their namesake, Olaudah Equiano.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Equiano Light, Equiano Original

Los Magos Sotol

About Los Magos: Steeped in the heritage and artisanship of the fabled Sotoleros of Chihuahua, Los Magos Sotol pays homage to the spirit of Mexico. Made from native, wild harvested sotol plants, Los Magos Sotol is a magical expression of the rich community and culture of Chihuahua.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Los Magos Sotol Blanco Premium

Tastings from Gallo

Don Fulano

About Don Fulano: Fruit of a family-owned company, Don Fulano Tequilas represents the legacy of five generations of AGAVEROS from the Highland region of Jalisco in Mexico.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Don Fulano Anejo Tequila, Don Fulano Blanco Tequila, Don Fulano Fuerte Blanco Tequila, Don Fulano Imperial Tequila, Don Fulano Reposado Tequila

Faux Pas

About Faux Pas: A ready-to-drink canned cocktail made for keeping it real, Faux Pas is a crisp, clean line made with real vodka and real tequila. The products are all gluten-free and absent of any artificial flavors.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Faux Pas Bartlett Pear Vodka Mule, Faux Pas Grapefruit & Orange Tequila Soda, Faux Pas Lemon & Mint Vodka Soda, Faux Pas Spicy Mango Margarita


About Wildcard: Made with real vodka, these ready-to-drink canned cocktails from New Amsterdam offers three refreshing flavors.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Wildcard Hard Lemonade, Wildcard Hard Punch, Wildcard Hard Tea

Tastings from Pernod

Tequila Avión

About Tequila Avión: Avión is a small batch, ultra-premium tequila that has defined a new standard of quality and taste. They are committed to creating a single origin tequila that embodies the best of craft processes to ensure the natural, rich, and roasted flavors of the Avión agave.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Avion Reserva Cristalino, Avion Silver


About Jameson: In 1780, John Jameson established a way of making Irish whiskey that Jameson Irish Whiskey has been proudly sticking to ever since. Triple-distilled, Jameson Irish Whiskey is just as versatile as it is smooth.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Jameson Orange Irish Whiskey, Jameson Lemonade RTD, Jameson Cola Irish Whiskey RTD

Olmeca Altos

About Olmeca: Made with premium Olmeca Altos Plata Tequila, triple sec, natural lime flavors and agave syrup, the Olmeca Altos Margarita Classic Lime RTS is a refreshing, sophisticated cocktail with subtle sweetness and a perfectly balanced finish.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Olmeca Altos Margarita Classic Lime RTS

Smooth Ambler

About Smooth Ambler: Each savory sip of Contradiction Rye is a stunning combination of velvety aromatics and notes of muddled in-season allspice. Featuring a blend of straight rye whiskies, the Contradiction Rye has notes of tropical fruit, cream soda, brown baking spices and garden herbs.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Smooth Ambler Contradiction Rye


About Absolut: Made with Absolut Vodka and pineapple liqueur, this ready-to-drink canned cocktail has an incredibly refreshing and smooth taste combined with a mix of fruity flavors. The subtly sweet and fresh taste of pineapple is combined with all natural flavors and real fruit juice.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Absolut Cans Pineapple Martini

Tastings from Sazerac

99 Brand

About 99 Brand: The 99 Brand is all about intense explosions of natural flavor. First introduced with 99 Bananas in 1997, the brand now includes an extensive array of flavors that continues to grow. 99 is the premier good-tasting liqueur, ideal for mixing or shooting. It is vibrant and bursting with mouthwatering flavors.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: 99 2022 Rainbow Pack, 99 10pk Variety Flavors


About Goldschlager: It’s a shot that stands out from the crowd. Be bold with this head-turning, 87-proof cinnamon shot made with real gold flakes.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Goldschlager Rose

Parrot Bay

About Parrot Bay: Parrot Bay is a premium merge of fresh, rich flavors with a light, crisp rum. This rum is designed to envelop your senses and transport you to your own pitstop in paradise.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Parrot Bay 50ml Party Buckets, Parrot Bay Coconut, Parrot Bay Gold Rum, Parrot Bay Silver Rum

Casa San Matías

About Casa San Matías: Committed to honoring the tradition and legacy handed down to them by their predecessors, Casa San Matías prides themselves in being one of the oldest tequila distilleries in Mexico. It is a tequila that goes beyond providing an amazing taste in the consumer’s palate. It is a tradition that honors the passion and dedication of the people involved for over one hundred and thirty years of history.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: San Matias Gran Reserve Extra Anejo

Tastings from Diageo

Astral Tequila

About Astral Tequila: Astral Tequila is made with 100% Blue Weber Agave, slowly nurtured by the cyclical passing of warm daylight skies and cool luminous nights, where the sun and the stars meet. The Astral Blanco is complex yet smooth, with notes of crisp citrus, clover honey, and bright white pepper, with underlying agave and an abundance of tropical fruit.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Astral Blanco Tequila


About Baileys: Enjoy all the deliciousness of Baileys, with 40% less calories and 40% less sugar than Baileys Original Irish Cream. Baileys Deliciously Light combines cream from Ireland and the rich cocoa and vanilla flavors of Baileys to create a light and versatile treat with all of the yummy taste of the original Baileys.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Baileys Deliciously Light

Captain Morgan

About Captain Morgan: Perfect for the everyday adventure, Captain Morgan Sliced Apple flavored spiced rum is sweet and juicy with a crisp taste of fresh sliced apples.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Captain Morgan Sliced Apple

Tastings from Beam

Truly Flavored Vodka

About Truly Flavored Vodka: Truly Flavored Vodka offers a bold new take on a classic spirit. Triple distilled and inspired by your favorite Truly Hard Seltzer flavors, it’s the ideal drink for those who never bottle things up and always let their true selves show.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Truly Vodka Strawberry Lemonade, Wildberry, Pineapple Mango


About Legent: Legent is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey partially finished in wine and sherry casks. As a landscape changing bourbon, Legent is a collaboration between two whiskey legends that celebrates Kentucky tradition and Japanese detail.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Legent Bourbon

Alberta Distillers

About Alberta Distillers:  The Alberta Premium Rye whiskey is made by Alberta Distillers in the heart of Canada’s rye-growing country – where cold barren winters give way to an abundant crop of the finest rye. Made by blending two aged whiskies, the Alberta Premium Rye is known for its full flavor.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Alberta Premium Rye

Makers Mark 101

About Makers Mark 101:  Maker’s Mark is the legacy of a family whose whisky-making saga spans several generations. Made with soft red winter wheat, Maker’s Mark is a full-flavored bourbon that is still handcrafted the way their founder intended.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Makers Mark 101

Sauza Tequila

About Sauza: For over 145 years, Casa Sauza has offered finely crafted tequilas best enjoyed with the company of others. Whether relaxing with a cool margarita or sipping a mixed cocktail, nothing brings people together like the authentic taste of Sauza tequila.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Sauza Hornitos Blood Orange Margarita RTS, Lime Hibiscus Margarita RTS, Pineapple Poblano Margarita RTS, Strawberry Tamarind Margarita RTS, Hard Seltzer Lime, Hard Seltzer Mango, Hard Seltzer Passion Fruit, Hard Seltzer Pineapple

Tastings from Campari

Wild Turkey

About Wild Turkey: For 75 years, Wild Turkey has been making their whiskey at the top of Wild Turkey Hill in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. It’s a place where spirited tradition and devotion to their craft come together to yield an unparalleled lineup of bourbon.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: American Honey Sting

Grand Marnier

About Grand Marnier:  Grand Marnier orange flavored liqueur is the result of a unique alchemy created by combining the noble taste of cognac with the exoticism of bitter oranges. It’s a unique blend of fine French cognac with bigaradia citrus fruits whose recipe has not changed since its creation.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Grand Marnier 100 Year, Grand Marnier Louis Alexandre

Tastings from Moet Hennessy


About Ardbeg: It’s a whisky that’s worshipped around the world. Ardbeg has been called “as close to perfection as makes no difference,” by whisky connoisseurs. In the past ten years, six different Ardbeg expressions have won prestigious titles including World Whisky of the Year, Scotch Whisky of the Year and World’s Best Single Malt.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Ardbeg Wee Beastie


About Hennessy:  Hennessy X.O is the Original, the emblematic icon of the Hennessy Maison. Deep and powerful, the eaux-de-vie of this Hennessy X.O cognac are aged in young barrels and marked out by their power and energy, but also by their capacity to achieve a great roundness through time.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Hennessy X.O


About Volcan:  Grown in the shadow of the volcano, Volcan is a result of 100,000 years in the making. They boast a complex taste that comes from blending the distinct flavors of the highland and lowland agave, bringing together the best of both regions into an extraordinary liquid.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Volcan De Mi Tierra Anejo Cristalino, Volcan De Mi Tierra Blanco, Volcan De Mi Tierra Reposado

Tastings from McCormick Distilling


About Hussong’s: It all began in 1892, in the oldest and best-known cantina in Ensenada, Mexico, where Juan Hussong served his own handmade tequila and the classic margarita is rumored to have made its first known appearance. Over 120 years later, Hussong’s Tequila carries on the rich history and legacy of the Hussong family name.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Hussong’s Platinum Anejo, Hussong’s Reposado

Tequila Rose

About Tequila Rose: Tequila Rose is the original strawberry cream liqueur. As the first drink of its kind, the Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream Liqueur is a bold innovation combining tequila with strawberry cream.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream Liqueur

Five Farms

About Five Farms: Five Farms is made with the richest dairy cream, smooth and sweet and luxurious. Five Farms contains a greater amount of Irish Whiskey than other brands on the market, setting it apart in the category and allowing for an intensity of whiskey flavor and warmth that is truly one of a kind. The result is a superior Irish Cream Liqueur with the richness of Ireland itself.
Product(s) at Trade Tasting: Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur

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