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Recap: 2022 Savannah Trade Tasting

On February 22, 2022, Empire Distributors, Inc. customers and wine & spirits trade members were invited to our annual Trade Tasting for our Savannah market. The Trade Tasting brought together many of Empire’s suppliers with retail & on-premise customers from across the Savannah area. Read on to get recap the suppliers and the items available at the 2022 Trade Tasting, then ask your rep for information on how to order!

Alexander Valley Vineyards

About Alexander Valley Vineyards: After purchasing the historic Cyrus Alexander homestead, Harry and Maggie Wetzel strived to create a thriving agricultural lifestyle on the property. Decades later, the fourth generation of their family is growing up amongst vineyards and next door to the working winery that is known around the world as “AVV”.
Products at Trade Tasting: Alexander Valley Vineyards Cyrus and Zinfandel; Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot; School Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon; Alexander Valley Vineyards Sin Zin and Homestead Red Blend.

Company Distilling

Bottle of Company Bourbon at a campfire gathering

About Company Distilling: Established in 2020, Company Distilling makes straight bourbon whiskey that’s fully matured in oak barrels and finished with maple wood to produce a sip like no other. Company is on a mission to make spirits made for sharing, “meticulously crafted for the best of friends.”
Product at Trade Tasting: Company Distilling Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Watch the Company Distilling video from Atlanta’s 2022 Trade Tasting.

Flybird Cocktails

About Flybird: Flybird Cocktails are an authentic, premium Margarita experience crafted from 100% Mexican agave wine. This easy to sip, ready-to-drink, classic margarita cocktail is flavorful, bold, and kicks a serious punch, without any hassle.
Products at Trade Tasting: Flybird Wine Cocktails in Baja Lime, Blood Orange, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Watermelon Cucumber and Prickly Pear Margarita flavors.

Beefeater Gin

About Beefeater: Beefeater is the world’s No.3 premium gin. The only international premium gin still to be distilled in London, it brings a quintessentially British character to the world of spirits.
Product at Trade Tasting: Beefeater Pink Strawberry

Vara Winery & Distillery 

woman holding a basket of vara wines and wine glasses

About Vara Winery: Vara is an international family of Spanish and American wines celebrating the origin of the American wine experience. Wines are produced from Spanish grape varietals grown in Spain and various American vineyards, including in Vara’s home state of New Mexico.
Products at Trade Tasting: Vara Silverhead Brut Cava, Garnacha, Tempranillo, Viña Cardinal and Viura.
Watch the VARA Winery video from Atlanta’s 2022 Trade Tasting.

Villon Cognac

About Villon Cognac: Crafted in the heart of beautiful southwestern France, Villon represents a revolution of France’s oldest and most renowned spirits.
Villon is exquisitely blended with a touch of VSOP cognac, fine spirits distilled from French wheat and rich natural flavors. The result is something altogether extraordinary.
Product at Trade Tasting: Villon VSOP Cognac

St. Germain

About St. Germain: St~Germain is a French liqueur made with fresh elderflowers, hand-picked once a year in the late spring. As the world’s first, finely crafted all-natural elderflower liqueur, its flavor is as subtle and delicate as it is captivating, evidenced in its sublime notes of peach, pear and grapefruit, yet none of them exactly. Perhaps contributing to its elusive reputation is that of French savoir faire—an inconspicuous ingredient that is all at once essential to St~Germain’s endless charm.
Product at Trade Tasting: St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

Bumbu Rum

About Bumbu Rum: In Barbados, where Original Bumbu is made, rum isn’t just another spirit. It’s the original rum island, where rum was first created some 400 years ago. At Bumbu Rum Company rums are crafted from a blend of the finest sugarcane we can find, exceptionally balanced and smooth, without sacrificing the richness and complexity that makes our distilleries in Barbados and Panama the world’s best – even if we’re a little biased.
Products at Trade Tasting: Bumbu Rum Creme, XO and Original.

Duplin Wine Cellars

About Duplin: Duplin Winery strives to produce wines that capture the spirit of our heritage while maintaining the freshness of the fruit with unwavering quality. Every bottle produced by Duplin draws the same pleasure and appreciation as the first.
Products at Trade Tasting: Duplin Sweet Wines in Original, Lime, Blueberry and Peach Cotton Candy; Carolina and Pelican Reds; and original Duplin Sweet.

Noilly Prat French Vermouth

About Noilly Prat: The Noilly Prat Vermouth is created using a secret recipe of around 20 herbs and spices sourced from all over the world, including Roman Chamomile from France and Nutmeg from Indonesia.. La Maison Noilly Prat is nestled in the enchanting port of Marseillan in the South of France, surrounded by the sun-drenched vineyards that overlook the Mediterranean Sea. Discover the original French vermouth and explore over 200 years of history and heritage.
Products at Trade Tasting: Noilly Prat Original Dry, Sweet and Ambré.

Smithworks Vodka

About Smithworks Vodka: Smithworks American Made Vodka is the perfect anchor for your good time. It’s made with water from Lake Fort Smith, and with corn from Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. Then it’s distilled three times and charcoal filtered for a smooth taste and clean finish.
Product at Trade Tasting: Smithworks Vodka

JNSQ Wines

About JNSQ: The phrase “je ne sais quoi” was the inspiration for JNSQ, a superlative new wine made from select California grapes and crafted in the style of the best French Rosés. The result is a taste so unique and surprising that you’ll be at a loss for words to capture what elevates these wines into a class by themselves.
Product at Trade Tasting: JNSQ Rosé Cru

Tequila Komos

bottle of tequila komos placed on the shore of a body of water

About Tequila Komos: Tequila Komos creates “luxury tequila, refined.” Each Komos expression uses a specially crafted Blanco as its base. Agave from the highlands and lowlands of Jalisco is roasted in traditional stone ovens, then marries with spring water after which the juice is then twice distilled in copper pot stills.
Products at Trade Tasting: Tequila Komos Anejo Cristalino, Extra Anejo and Reposado Rosa.

Sip Shine Moonshine

About Sip Shine: Sip Shine was inspired by a family vacation in the mountains of east Tennessee. With a lack of Moonshine in the north, they set out on a mission to create an easier sipping shine with a Great Lakes inspired sweetness.
Products at Trade Tasting: SIP Moonshine RTD cans in Arnold Shiner, Razz-berry Shineade and Shineberry Sweet Tea flavors.

Landmark Vineyards

About Landmark: Landmark is dedicated to producing handcrafted, ultra-premium Chardonnay and Pinot Noir sourced from some of California’s finest vineyards.
Products at Trade Tasting: Landmark Vineyards Hop Kiln Pinot Noir and Overlook Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Papa’s Pilar Rum

About Papa’s Pilar: In conjunction with Ernest Hemingway’s estate, Hemingway Rum Co. LLC developed Papa’s Pilar super-premium rum, which was inspired by the author’s spirit of adventure, the company says. The name of the rum also represents Hemingway, with “Papa” referring to his nickname and “Pilar” referring to his fishing boat.
Products at Trade Tasting: Papa’s Pilar Blonde, Dark and Sherry Cask Rums.

Purity Vodka & Gin

About Purity Vodka: Purity Vodka & Gin aims to create spirits “crafted for the Connoisseurs.”  Purity spirits are 100% organic, gluten-free and handcrafted in small batches in Southern Sweden.
Products at Trade Tasting: Purity Connoisseur 51 Reserve Vodka, Estate 17 Edition, Signature 34 Edition, Mediterranean Citrus Spritz Vodka, Navy Strength Organic Gin and Old Tom Organic Gin.


About JUSTIN: JUSTIN wines were first planted back in 1981 with a mission to make world-class Bordeaux-style blends. They combine traditional Old World methods—like hand-harvesting and small-barrel aging in French oak—with New World technology. For example, the “Air Knife”, an ingenious New World process invented by JUSTIN winemakers, boosts grape quality and efficiency.
Products at Trade Tasting: JUSTIN Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Justification and Isosceles Red Blends.

Oxley Gin

About Oxley Gin: With nature as their muse, and flavour as their cause, it took eight years (and 38 recipes) of obsession and experimentation for Oxley’s founding scientists and distillers to perfect their gin. Their sub-zero distillation process allows them to keep botanicals as fresh and flavourful as nature intended, using fresh frozen citrus peel instead of the typical dried peel. The result is a flavor you just can’t replicate in traditional heated stills.
Product at Trade Tasting: Oxley London Dry Gin

Absolut Vodka

About Absolut:Absolut Vodka is one of the most famous vodkas in the world. Launched in the US in 1979, it completely redefined the premium vodka landscape, becoming synonymous with art, culture and nightlife. By starting a revolution in cocktail creation and launching a range of flavored vodka never before seen on the market, Absolut became an icon in its own right.
Products at Trade Tasting: Absolut Grapefruit and Absolut Juice Strawberry Edition.

Esporão Wines

About Esporão: Located in the Alto Douro wine region, Esporão is on a mission to “make the finest products that nature provides in a responsible and inspiring way.”
Products at Trade Tasting: Esporão Reserva Red, Monte Velho Red Blend, Bico Amarelo Vinho Verde and Quinta do Ameal Loureiro.
Watch the Esporão Wines video from Atlanta’ 2022 Trade Tasting.

Twisted Shotz & Whipz

About Twisted Shotz & Whipz: Ready-to-drink delicious, bartender-quality mixed drinks that have 2 great flavors in 1 shot!
Products at Trade Tasting: Twisted Whipz in Butterscotch & Vanilla, Chocolate & Vanilla and Raspberry & Vanilla flavors and Twisted Shotz in Sex On The Beach, Jolli Jolli, Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Chocolate Mousse flavors.

Lobos 1707 Tequila & Mezcal

About Lobos 1707: Backed by LeBron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lobos 1707 is an independent spirits producer that marries heritage and innovation. Their tequilas and mezcal are finished in PX wine barrels, following a 400 year legacy of tradition.
Products at Trade Tasting: Lobos 1707 Tequila Extra Anejo, Joven, Mezcal and Reposado.

McQueen and the Violet Frog Gin

About McQueen and the Violet Frog: McQueen and the Violet Fog is an extraordinary gin handcrafted in the hills of Jundiaí, Brazil, thousands of miles away from the traditional gin world. Twenty-one exotic botanicals used in the distillation process including many rarely found in gin like lemongrass, pomelo peel, orris root and jasmine flower.
Product at Trade Tasting: McQueen and the Violet Fog Gin

Angel’s Envy Kentucky Whiskey

About Angel’s Envy: Angel’s Envy is what happens when 200 years of bourbon tradition meet an independent master craftsman’s instinct to improve. They start with the finest bourbon and rye, tasting every barrel throughout each step of the aging process to ensure the spirit meets their “perfectionist standards.”
Product at Trade Tasting: Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Port Wine Barrels

D’USSÉ Cognac

About D’USSE: D’USSÉ Cognac was founded by Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter and aims to be the modern expression of Cognac, standing for integrity, boldness, freedom and the elevation of authenticity. The result is a unique cognac that begins with distinguished intensity and finishes pleasantly smooth and balanced.
Products at Trade Tasting: D’USSE Cognac VSOP and XO.

Luc Belaire Sparkling

About Luc Belaire: Luc Belaire is a family of sparkling wines from some of France’s finest winemaking regions. Established in 1898, sixth generation winemakers oversee production of each bottle of Luc Belaire, ensuring that the perfect balance is realized in each bottling, and creating the elegant, refreshing blend characteristic of our house.
Products at Trade Tasting: Luc Belaire Luxe, Luxe Rosé, Gold and Rosé.

Mini Canned Cocktails

About Mini: At Mini, each canned sparkling cocktail is ready-to-drink and made with premium ingredients and quality spirits “for an out-of-this-world experience.”
Products at Trade Tasting: Mini Cosmic Cooler vodka cocktail, Golden Hour bourbon cocktail, Liquid Sunshine tequila cocktail and Meteor Shower vodka cocktail.
Watch the Mini video from Atlanta’s 2022 Trade Tasting.

Grey Goose

About Grey Goose: Grey Goose Vodka is made from just two ingredients: soft single-origin winter wheat from Picardy, France, and spring water from Gensac-La-Pallue in France. Product is 100% traceable from their farmer partnerships, and overseen through milling, mashing, fermentation, distillation, blending with spring water and final bottling. The result is a great-tasting vodka that elevates any cocktail you make – or its flavor can be enjoyed on its own.
Products at Trade Tasting: Grey Goose Vodka in Original, La Poire, L’Orang Vodka and Le Citron flavors.

Monkey 47 Gin

About Monkey 47: Monkey 47 Gin was created 60 years ago, taking its name from its composition: 47 handpicked plant ingredients prepared in a soft spring water from the Black Forest.
Product at Trade Tasting: Monkey 47 Dry Gin

Los Sundays Tequila

About Los Sundays: Løs Sundays Blanco is un-aged clear tequila, double distilled from a blend of highland agave offering smooth floral notes and lowland agave which lend earthier undertones. This blending technique provides a full bodied blanco with multiple layers of agave.
Products at Trade Tasting: Los Sundays Blanco, Coconut and Reposado Tequila.


Tastings from Banfi Vintners

Rosa Regale

About Rosa Regale: Since the times of Cleopatra, this sparkling red wine made from Brachetto d’Acqui has been love at first sip.  Legend has it that both Julius Caesar and Marc Antony presented Cleopatra with several wine skins filled with Rosa Regale, Cleopatra’s favorite. The empress then had her lovers drink the wine in order to unleash their passion, and the rest is history.
Product at Trade Tasting: Rosa Regale Brachetto d’Acqui Sparkling Red

Castello Banfi

About Castello Banfi: Castello Banfi is a family-owned vineyard estate and winery located in the Brunello region of Tuscany.  This award-winning estate was founded on the philosophy of blending tradition with innovation, and is recognized as a pioneer in elevating the standards of Italian winemaking.
Products at Trade Tasting: Castello Banfi Bolgheri Aska Rosso, Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti Riserva, Chianti Classico Reserva, La Pettegola Vermentino, San Angelo Pinot Grigio and Centine Rosso.

Rainstorm Wines

About Rainstorm: Rainstorm Oregon Pinot is on a mission to bring all of Oregon’s vibrant character to life. Sourced from the Willamette Valley, Rainstorm produces balanced and approachable, yet complex Pinot Noir.
Product at Trade Tasting: Rainstorm Pinot Noir


Tastings from Copper Cane

Belle Glos Wines

About Belle Glos: Belle Glos showcases, under one label, the distinctive Pinot Noirs we produce from top growing areas in California. Each wine is crafted to distill the purest essence of the vineyard into elegant expressions of California Pinot Noir. Winemaker Joseph Wagner chose the name Belle Glos (pronounced BELL GLOSS) to honor his grandmother, Lorna Belle Glos Wagner, a co-founder of Caymus Vineyards.
Products at Trade Tasting: Belle Glos Clark & Telephone, Dairyman and Las Alturas Pinot Noirs.

BÖEN Wines

About Böen: Böen is an exploration in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, highlighting the unique attributes of California’s most sought-after winegrowing regions. BÖEN, with its ripe fruit flavors, bright acidity and hints of toasty oak, is the purest expression of Joe Wagner’s signature style.
Products at Trade Tasting: Böen Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Elouan Wines

About Elouan: Elouan is the result of California winemakers venturing up to Oregon, one of the world’s renowned Pinot Noir regions. The goal: to produce Pinot Noir with depth of flavor, vibrancy and suppleness. Elouan brings together fruit from three regions along Oregon’s coast: Willamette, Umpqua and Rogue Valleys, which harmonize beautifully when blended together.
Products at Trade Tasting: Elouan Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Noir Reserve Missoulan Wash.

Quilt Wines

About Quilt: Classic yet complex, romantic but not ostentatious, Quilt is Joe Wagner’s tribute to the character of Napa Valley and its rolling patchwork of vineyards. Each wine in the collection is crafted from vineyards hand-selected by Joe, a native of Napa Valley and fifth-generation winemaker.
Products at Trade Tasting: Quilt Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Fabric of the Land Red Blend.

Steorra Wines

About Steorra: A lover of champagne, Joe Wagner has long wanted to create a classic sparkling wine using Pinot Noir and Chardonnay fruit. It’s Steorra, his first-ever sparkling wine, takes its name from the Old English word for ‘star’ and is a non-vintage Brut style sparkling made in an elegant soft style with a fine bead and universally appealing flavors of lemon sherbet, luscious cream, subtle toastiness and a fresh finish.
Product at Trade Tasting: Steorra Sparkling Wine


Tastings from Wagner Family of Wine

Emmolo Wine Company

a bottle of Emmolo Sparkling wine on a table with a pie in the background

About Emmolo Wine Co.: Created by Jenny Wagner, Emmolo’s wines offer a fresh take on California varietals, with a style not typically expected from their production.
Product at Trade Tasting: Emmolo Sparkling #4

Red Schooner

About Red Schooner: Red Schooner, known for their Mendoza “Voyage” Malbec, has released a new “Red Wine of the World” sourced from renowned regions of Australia under the direction of Charlie Wagner.
Product at Trade Tasting: Red Schooner Transit #1

Sea Sun Vineyards

woman holding a glass of wine and a bottle of Sea Sun Pinot Noir

About Sea Sun Vineyards: Sea Sun wines are layered wines produced by Charlie Wagner from the singular beauty and character of the California coast, made to have broad appeal.
Products at Trade Tasting: Sea Sun Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Caymus Vineyards

About Caymus: Since its founding in 1972, Caymus has become renowned as a consistent leader in the production of Napa Valley Cabernet. Caymus is best known for Cabernet Sauvignon and remains 100% family-owned by the Wagners.
Product at Trade Tasting: The Walking Fool

Conundrum Wines

About Conundrum: More than 25 years ago, Conundrum was a bold experiment – today it’s still about doing things your own way and daring to explore. A perfect blend of California grapes make Conundrum the perfect wine, any time.
Product at Trade Tasting: Conundrum White Blend

Mer Soleil Wines

About Mer Soleil: Mer Soleil began in the late 1980s, with a journey to the central coast of California in search of ideal conditions to plant Chardonnay. Their first vineyards were in the Santa Lucia Highlands, a small but exceptional appellation about a 30-minute drive from Monterey. With morning fog, bright sunshine and howling gusts of afternoon wind, the region’s dramatic weather leads to an extended growing season, enabling Mer Soleil to make wines with distinctive aromas and flavors.
Products at Trade Tasting: Mer Soleil Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir and Silver Chardonnay.

New Items from Aquilini Beverage Group

10,000 Hours Wines

About 10,000 Hours: 10,000 Hours believes that there are no shortcuts to making memorable wine. Countless hours of focus, dedication and craftsmanship are combined with the finest Red Mountain, Washington grapes to produce their sophisticated and delicious red wines.
Product at Trade Tasting: 10,000 Hours Cabernet Sauvignon

Aquilini Wines

About Aquilini Wines: Aquilini is led by the belief that they “have yet to make our best bottle of wine.” Their wines are nurtured by hand and designed exclusively with Red Mountain, Washington fruit.
Product at Trade Tasting: Aquilini Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

Be Human Wines

About Be Human: Be Human’s family of wines are sourced from the renowned Horse Heaven Hills and Columbia Valley AVA’s, creating what they call “wine for humanity—for our tapestry of voices and choices. With the recognition that what makes us different, makes us wonderful.”
Product at Trade Tasting: Be Human Cabernet

Beautiful Drinks Company

About Beautiful Drinks: Botanically-inspired, Beautiful Drinks’ ready-to-drink canned cocktails are created from “meticulously selected” distillates & extracts that help to showcase the flavor of each ingredient.
Products at Trade Tasting: Beautiful Drinks Co. Sparkling Cucumber & Lemon Vodka Collins, Sparkling Grapefruit & Rosemary Gin & Tonic and Sparkling Lime & Ginger Margarita.

Chasing Rain Wines

About Chasing Rain: These elegant wines reflect the ideal climate of Red Mountain, Washington, where scant rainfall is controlled by our winemakers to blend red wines that are vibrant and delicious.
Product at Trade Tasting: Chasing Rain Merlot

Roaming Dog Wines

About Roaming Dog: Roaming Dog Wines call themselves “the perfect companion” for weekend brunch, your next tailgater, or simply chilling after a long day. They are crafted exclusively with grapes from Washington’s panoramic Columbia Valley AVA, they’re easy going with just the right notes of fruit and oak.
Products at Trade Tasting: Roaming Dog Chardonnay and Riesling.

Tastings from Enovation Brands USA

Ca’ Montini

About Ca’ Montini: Sourced from grapes coming from an area called Valfredda, located in Ala di Trento, Ca’ Montini has set out to “create a premium Pinot Grigio that truly showcases the quality and winemaking history of Trentino.”
Product at Trade Tasting: Ca Montini Pinot Grigio

Gemma Di Luna

About Gemma Di Luna: Gemma di Luna aims to embody “the artistry and ingenuity of Italian winemaking” to create their sparkling wines and “turn everyday experiences into moments of luxury.”
Product at Trade Tasting: Gemma Di Luna Prosecco


About Emporium Appassimento: Emporium Appassimento is “a powerhouse red blend” from the extraordinary land of Salento in Puglia, a region rich in history and culture. The wine is crafted using the appassimento method, a style long prized by the noble courts and aristocratic circles of Europe.
Product at Trade Tasting: Emporium Appassimento Rosso

VOGA Italia

About VOGA: A fusion of form, function, and taste, VOGA Italia is “the epitome of Italian style.” VOGA prides itself in creating new innovations, like a cork with re-sealable cap closures, and in meticulously crafting their products “to capture the best of Italy in every sip.”
Product at Trade Tasting: VOGA Prosecco Rose

Living Coral

About Living Coral: Living Coral is not just a wine with a cause. Living Coral is a wine that exists because of a cause – to educate wine lovers about the importance of coral reefs, to create awareness of the threats they are facing, and most importantly, to take action to ensure these valuable, vibrant undersea ecosystems that we depend upon do not vanish from our planet. For every bottle sold, the Living Coral Foundation will make a contribution to an organization dedicated to saving our coral reefs.
Product at Trade Tasting: Living Coral Sparkling Rosé


About Lignam: Lignum, the ancient Latin word for wood, is the inspiration behind this Super Sicilian blend. The name pays homage to this element of nature that accompanies the wine as it matures over time.
Product at Trade Tasting: Lignum Terre Siciliane Red Blend


Tastings from Foley Family of Wines

Banshee Wines

About Banshee: Founded in 2009, the initial intent was to make wines that tasted like the best California had to offer, but were priced so that everyone could enjoy them. Banshee’s main focus is producing Pinot Noir on the cool, rugged, coastal areas of the far Western Sonoma Coast.
Products at Trade Tasting: Banshee Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Ten-of-Cups Méthode Champenoise Brut.

El Pinot Club

About El Pinot Club: Foley Family of Wines curates exceptional Pinot Noir from around the globe for El Pinot Club, so that you can see the world through the eyes of this wonderful little grape. Every member of El Pino Club is a unique and lovably-quirky character, bursting with personality and undeniably true to itself.
Products at Trade Tasting: The Cusp Pinot Noir

Foley Johnson Wines

About Foley Johnson: For years, Bill Foley and his wife, Carol Johnson Foley, had dreamt of opening a winery bearing their name in Napa Valley. With the launch of Foley Johnson in 2012, the Foleys have created a world-class winery with premier vineyards right in the heart of America’s preeminent winegrowing region. Their Napa Valley collection focuses on Bordeaux varietals from the Estate vineyards in Rutherford and other exceptional sites in the Napa Valley.
Product at Trade Tasting: Foley Johnson Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Rickshaw Wines

About RICKSHAW: RICKSHAW is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of wines with purity, sophistication and a bit of adventure. Each wine is an expression of California’s wind-swept coastlines, mountain meadows, fog crested forests and all the wild places within this truly unique and magical state.
Products at Trade Tasting: RICKSHAW Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.

Sebastiani Vineyards

About Sebastiani: Since Bill Foley’s purchase of Sebastiani in 2008, the winemaking team has taken a number of steps to produce world-class wines that showcase the great terroir and versatility of Sonoma County. With the spotlight on single vineyards (Cherryblock) and sub-appellations (Sonoma Valley, Alexander Valley, Carneros and Russian River Valley), Sebastiani is generating high scores and enthusiastic support from the trade and consumers.
Product at Trade Tasting: Sebastiani Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley

The Four Graces

About The Four Graces: The Four Graces was established in 2003, and named after the founder’s four daughters. As a leading Oregon winery, The Four Graces specializes in Pinot Noir as well as small production Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc.
Product at Trade Tasting: The Four Graces Pinot Gris Willamette Valley


Tastings from Grain & Barrel Spirits

Dixie Vodka

About Dixie Vodka: Dixie Vodka, established in 2014, is on a mission: “to create an all-American premium craft vodka that represented the best of Southern flavor, craftsmanship, and hospitality.” Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Dixie Vodka is an independent, American-made craft spirit with roots in the New South renaissance.
Products at Trade Tasting: Dixie Vodka in Original, Black Pepper, Citrus, Peach and Wildflower Honey flavors and Dixie RTD Cocktails in Georgia Peach, Greyhouse, Moscow Mule and Tony’s Tea flavors.
Watch the Gran & Barrel video from Atlanta’s 2022 Trade Tasting.

Elvis Tennessee Whiskey

About Elvis Tennessee Whiskey: Bottled in Elvis Presley’s home state of Tennessee, this new whiskey brand features a photo of Presley on their labels with the hope of becoming “a highly sought-after collector’s item.”
Products at Trade Tasting: Elvis Tiger Man Straight Tennessee Whiskey and The King Straight Rye Tennessee Whiskey.
Watch the Gran & Barrel video from Atlanta’s 2022 Trade Tasting.

High Goal Gin

About High Goal: High Goal Luxury Gin is produced in Charleston, South Carolina and infused with mint and citrus botanicals sourced directly from across America’s Southeast, “to create a lighter, more refreshing and approachable flavor profile.”
Product at Trade Tasting: High Goal Gin

Virgil Kaine Lowcountry Whiskey

About Virgil Kaine: Virgil Kaine is a small-batch whiskey company proudly crafted in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. They pride themselves in creating bourbons and whiskies with “ultra-smooth, well-balanced tastes that provide a sweet Southern finish.”
Product at Trade Tasting: Virgil Kaine Ginger Infused Bourbon


Tastings from Shannon Family of Wines

bottles of clay shannon and ovis wines on a table with a vase of flowers and a colorful vegetable platter

Clay Shannon

About Clay Shannon: Clay Shannon’s passion is simple: “grow the best fruit possible while preserving the land for future generations.” They define their wines as “gracious, refined and welcoming.”
Products at Trade Tasting: Clay Shannon Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and High Elevation Sauvignon Blanc.

Ovis Wines 

About Ovis: Ovis is Latin for sheep, and this special small lot collection of wine pays homage to those wooly caretakers that ensure our vineyards thrive while sustaining the natural ecosystem. Shannon Family of Wines calls them “extraordinary—the perfect reflection of nature in balance.”
Product at Trade Tasting: Ovis Cabernet Sauvignon

Buck Shack

About Buck Shack: Nestled deep in the Shannon Family’s vineyards stood a dilapidated 100-year-old skinning shed called “Ye Old Buck Shack.” Inspired by everything the Buck Shack represented, the Shannon Family of Wines created a wine that captured the authenticity and wildness of Lake County—wines that go hand-in-hand with good food and bad judgement.
Products at Trade Tasting: Buck Shack Bourbon Barrel Red Blend and Pinot Noir.


Tastings from Maisons, Marques & Domaines USA

Domaines Ott

About Domaines Ott: Founded in 1896, Domaines Ott continues to be family-run over 120 years later. BY.OTT is a wine produced with all the savoir-faire of the Domaines Ott team in the newly constructed cellar of Château de Selle. It is a refined and elegant wine for any rosé enthusiast.
Product at Trade Tasting: Domaines Ott BY.OTT Côtes de Provence Rosé

Carpe Diem

About Carpe Diem: Carpe Diem wines are crafted by two world-renowned winemaking teams, using select grapes from two distinct California appellations: Anderson Valley for pinot noir and chardonnay, and Napa Valley for cabernet sauvignon.
Product at Trade Tasting: Carpe Diem Pinot Noir

Chateau Loudenne

About Chateau Loudenne: Built in the 17th century, Château Loudenne is one of the oldest Crus Bourgeois properties. Malolactic fermentation takes place in new French oak barrels as the aromas from the wood are much better accepted by the wine; This ancestral technique provides more roundness to the wine as well as silky tannins.
Product at Trade Tasting: Chateau Loudenne Bordeaux Rouge

Domaine Anderson

About Domaine Anderson: Domaine Anderson’s wines are crafted with precision and care to express the uniqueness of the terroir. Nestled in the fog-cooled hillsides of Northern California’s Anderson Valley, the winery’s commitment to land stewardship and sustainable practices extends to each vineyard, including the newly certified organic and biodynamic Dach vineyard, ensuring the health of the land for generations to come.
Product at Trade Tasting: Domaine Anderson Pinot Noir

Marques de Murrieta

About Marques de Murrieta: Marqués de Murrieta is named after Luciano de Murrieta, one of the founding fathers of modern Rioja winemaking, who established the estate in 1852 in the world-renowned Rioja region of Spain. With a vision of innovation and respect for tradition, Marqués de Murrieta is rooted in strong, historical fundamentals that shape the vision and philosophy of this iconic Spanish brand.
Product at Trade Tasting: Marques de Murrieta Reserva Rioja

Pio Cesare

About Pio Cesare: Convinced that great wine can come only from the finest grapes, Pio Cesare’s unique winemaking method relies on minimal intervention to produce classic wines of distinctive character. Since 1881, a ceaseless devotion to the individuality of each of the region’s wines has informed Pio Cesare’s choices in the cellar, allowing for the crafting of wines of varying weight, ageability and drinkability as determined by the vineyard rather than current trends.
Product at Trade Tasting: Pio Cesare Barolo

Ramos Pinto

About Ramos Pinto: Founded in 1880 by brothers Adriano and Antonio, Ramos Pinto’s history has been marked by a balance between innovation and respect for tradition. In addition to producing wines of exceptional quality, the House is known for its knowledge of terroir and for its pioneering viticulture.
Product at Trade Tasting: Ramos Pinto 10-Year Tawny

Roederer Estate

About Roederer Estate: Founded in 1982, Roederer Estate is nestled in Mendocino County’s cool, fog-shrouded Anderson Valley. As the California outpost of Champagne Louis Roederer, Roederer Estate winery builds upon a centuries-old tradition of fine winemaking.
Product at Trade Tasting: Roederer Estate Brut

Scharffenberger Cellars

About Scharffenberger: The history of Scharffenberger Cellars begins in 1981 in the heart of California’s Anderson Valley. Originally founded by John Scharffenberger, the company has undergone several transitions. With the many changes at Scharffenberger Cellars, what has remained consistent is the quality and the original philosophy behind the winemaking. The wines are made in the méthode traditionnelle process where the wines are individually bottle-fermented before being riddled and disgorged.
Product at Trade Tasting: Scharffenberger Brut Excellence


Tastings from Oak Ridge Winery

OZV Wines

About OZV: These old vines have a story to tell. For generations they have stood up to sun and rain, each year producing grapes that capture the essence of the soil that surrounds their roots.
Products at Trade Tasting: OZV Old Vine Zinfandel and Red Blend.

Maggio Wines

About Maggio: After five generations the Maggio family proudly puts its name on bottles that reflect their long and uncompromising commitments to sustainable agriculture and winemaking excellence.
Products at Trade Tasting: Maggio Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc.

Old Soul Wines

About Old Soul: Old Vines and their descendants are vessels of an eternal soul that offers wisdom, strength, and stability. These prized wines are better balanced, with more body and structure.
Products at Trade Tasting: Old Soul Chardonnay and Petit Sirah


Tastings from Terlato Wine & Spirits

Lanson Champagnes

About Lanson: Since 1760, the house of Lanson has remained family own. Faithful to its heritage, Lanson Champagnes have always been made the original way, offering an exceptional development of flavors while preserving the natural purity of the fruit. This historical commitment makes Lanson wines more fresh, crisp and elegant with a longer ageing potential.
Products at Trade Tasting: Champagne Lanson Le Black Label Brut and Le Rose.

GAJA Winery

About GAJA: Located in Piedmont in northwestern Italy, the GAJA winery is widely considered to be one of the greatest estates in the world, producing coveted and collectible labels. The story of the GAJA Winery can be traced to a singular, founding purpose: to produce original wines with a sense of place which reflect the tradition and culture of those who made it. This philosophy has inspired five generations of impeccable winemaking.
Products at Trade Tasting: Gaja Barbarseco and Sito Morseco

Nonino Distillery

About Nonino: The Nonino Distillery, unique in the world, is composed of five artisanal distilleries with batch steam stills for the production of the inimitable Nonino Distillates, respecting the tradition and the rhythms of true craftsmanship. The Nonino family personally takes care of the purchase of the primary product and follows the various phases of distillation to guarantee the maximum quality of the distillate.
Products at Trade Tasting: Nonino Amaro and L’Apertivo

Ca’Marcanda Wines

About Ca’Marcanda: In 1996, Angelo Gaja, owner of the Gaja Winery, began a new winemaking venture — Ca’Marcanda. His aim was to craft exceptional wines with minimal intervention, creating modern, Tuscan wines that embody Bolgheri’s terroir with the precision & passion of GAJA.
Products at Trade Tasting: Ca’ Marcanda Magari

Terlato Family Vineyards

About Terlato: The Terlato Family delivers highly rated Pinot Grigio from the Friuli Colli Orientali DOC region of Italy. Nestled in the foothills of the Austrian and Slovenian Alps, the appellation creates a growing region ideal for this varietal, yielding a perfectly balanced structure combined of both complex, expressive fruit and a mineral character.
Product at Trade Tasting: Terlato Pinot Grigio

Two Hands Wines

About Two Hands: Two Hands Wines was founded in early 1999 with a goal to make the best possible Shiraz-based wines from prized Shiraz growing regions throughout Australia, showcasing the diversity of Australian Shiraz by highlighting regional characteristics and allowing the fruit to be the primary feature of the wines. Two Hands refers to the very personable approach taken with each parcel of grapes, no matter how big or small.
Product at Trade Tasting: Two Hands Angel Share Shiraz

Wairau River Wines

About Wairau River: Wairau River wines are sourced from The Rose’s family-owned vineyards across the Marlborough region. With careful winemaking their Estate range of wines are true expressions to their varieties accompanied by the unique soils and climate found in the Wairau Valley. These wines are distinctive, elegant and a great match to any occasion.
Product at Trade Tasting: Wairau River Estate Sauvignon Blanc

New Items from Burnt Church Distillery

Burnt Church Spirits

burnt church bottles

About Burnt Church Distillery: Burnt Church Distillery crafts “authentic Lowcountry spirits” that honor the local history and give back to the community. “We’re here to make a meaningful contribution by crafting unique and flavorful spirits wrapped in history and shared experience.”
Products at Trade Tasting: Anita’s Choice Six Grain Bourbon, Bluffton Whiskey, Burnt Church Vodka (in Original, Cucumber and Pear flavors), Devil’s Elbow Gin (in Original, Cucumber/Black Pepper, Grapefruit/Orange and Cantaloupe Melon flavors), Palmer’s Stretch Rye Whiskey, Sin Eater Cinnamon Smoky Whiskey, and Sippin Saint Moonshine (in Bloody Mary, Iced Coffee, Chocolate/Raspberry, Chocolate Milk and Sweet Potato Pie flavors).
Watch the video.

Amethyst Non-Alcoholic Spirits

bottle of amethyst nonalcoholic spirit with a woman sitting cross legged in the background

About Amethyst: Amethyst is a non-alcoholic spirit that is masterfully distilled and blended with invigorating fruits and botanicals. “Inherently created in the spirit of inclusion,” Amethyst is on a mission to create a unique non-alcoholic spirit specifically crafted for those who choose not to drink.
Products at Trade Tasting: Blueberry Ginger Mint and Lemon Cucumber Serrano.
Watch the video.

Tastings from Third Leaf Wines

Laurent Miquel

About Laurent Miquel: A family wine estate since 1791, Laurent Miquel makes wines with passion and integrity in Languedoc, South of France. Respect for the land has been passed down from father to son for eight generations. Their vineyards are cultivated using the philosophy of ‘sustainable agriculture’ to fully express the vines and the terroir. This cultivation yields great wines with delicacy, balance and minerality.
Products at Trade Tasting: Laurent Miquel Père et Fils Chardonnay Viognier, Père et Fils Cinsault Syrah Rosé and Solas Pinot Noir.

Mulderbosch Vineyards

About Mulderbosch: Mulderbosch is widely considered one of South Africa’s iconic wineries and has established a reputation for excellence since 1989. They are “tireless” in our pursuit of making wines of the highest quality that honor our proud heritage and can be enjoyed by all.
Products at Trade Tasting: Mulderbosch Faithful Hound and Sauvignon Blanc

Empire Estate Wines

About Empire Estate: Empire Estate is a collaboration between Thomas Pastuszak, wine director of The Nomad Hotel in Manhattan and winemaker Kelby Russell. Crafted in a dry style, the majority of the fruit is sourced from vineyards around Seneca Lake – on the east side, there is more shale- and clay-rich sites in the area of Hector and Lodi, and on the west side, there are more gravel- and loam-rich sites near Dundee and Dresden. The wine was fermented in stainless steel.
Products at Trade Tasting: Empire Estate Blanc De Blancs and Riesling


Tastings from Volio Vino Imports

Berlucchi Wines

About Berlucchi Wines: In 1967, Franciacorta became a recognized designation of origin for Italian wine, with Berlucchi leading the way. The name Berlucchi is now synonymous with Franciacorta and their wines are a staple of Italian celebrations. Berlucchi is a unique player in the field of sparkling wine–they capture both the luxury and glamour of this classically romantic beverage while maintaining an intrinsic curiosity and hunger for innovation.
Product at Trade Tasting: Berlucchi Cuvee ’61 Brut Franciacorta

Castlefeder Winery

About Castelfeder: To enter into the world of Castelfeder is to soar across an unspoken threshold into the lush valleys of the high Adige River. The generational devotion of the Giovanett family is deeply Italian–the winery is run by the third generation of grape growers, producing wines that are lean and light with texture and depth as an added dimension.
Product at Trade Tasting: Castelfelder Südtirol Alto Adige Pinot Grigio 15

Château Paul Mas

About Paul Mas: Jean-Claude Mas, first-generation winemaker, fourth generation grape grower, and owner of Les Domaines Paul Mas, has prioritized sourcing the highest quality grapes from twelve privately-owned estates and premier growers in the Languedoc to make wines of authenticity and refinement. The result is a collection of charming wines that burst forward with the warmth and stunning beauty of the region.
Product at Trade Tasting: Paul Mas Pays d’Oc Pinot Noir Saint Hilaire Vineyard Réserve

Cantine Povero

About Cantine Povero: Four generations of Povero family wisdom unite to create a beautifully unstoppable force in the heart of Piedmont, Italy. Grandfather Tumlin planted the first vines in the ’40s and it feels as though he still lives through them today. His children, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren feel his wisdom, traditions, and lessons every day, even as Cantine Povero adopts modern technologies in their winemaking.
Products at Trade Tasting: Cantine Povero Barbera d’Asti and Belvive Sparkling

Fattoria Poggerino

About Fattoria Poggerino: Poggerino’s wines are produced organically, exclusively from their own grapes, and every step of wine production and marketing is carried out by the owners themselves. The wines produced combine a richness and concentration of fruit, acidity, and tannin—indispensable to the wine’s longevity—while their soft, ripe tannins allow the wine to be enjoyed early in its life.
Product at Trade Tasting: Poggerino Chianti Classico Riserva

Rivetto Wines

About Rivetto: Owner Enrico Rivetto is extremely invested in poly farming as a method to naturally stabilize and enrich his vineyard, in turn allowing it to care for itself more sustainably. He remains committed to biodynamic farming and is currently now the first Demeter certified producer in the zones of Barolo and Barbaresco. His wines have gained considerable international admiration over the last ten years.
Product at Trade Tasting: Rivetto Langhe Nebbiolo

Tenuta Argentiera

About Tenuta Argentiera: Tenuta Argentiera stands in a magnificent patch of land in the Maremma that blends countryside and sea, suspended between woods and Mediterranean scrub. Argentiera has five main vineyard sites and each plot is harvested and vinified separately, exclusively in stainless steel, to preserve the character and fruity complexity lent by terroir variations.
Product at Trade Tasting: Tenuta Argentiera Villa Donoratico Bolgheri


Tastings from Vineyard Brands

Kings of Prohibition

About Kings of Prohibition: Crafted by esteemed Calabria Family winemaker Jeremy Nascimben in Australia, each bottle of Kings of Prohibition brings to life an infamous ‘bootlegger’ with a story to tell.
Product at Trade Tasting: Kings of Prohibition Bugsy Siegel Cabernet Sauvignon

Domaines Comte de Malet Roquefort

About Domaines Comte de Malet Roquefort: Having settled in Saint-Émilion in 1705, the Malet Roquefort family of Domaines Comte de Malet Roquefort has a history in Bordeaux spanning more than three centuries. Founded on the four guiding principles of excellence, elegance, authenticity, and independence, the Malet Roqueforts have passed on their traditions, generation after generation.
Product at Trade Tasting: Comtesse de Malet Roquefort Bordeaux Blanc

Domaine Mongeard-Mugneret

About Domaine Mongeard-Mugneret: Vincent Mongeard, who is as passionate as his ancestors, is committed not only to maintaining and improving the family patrimony, but also to expand it. The property accounts today for approximately 30 hectares, spread on 35 appellations producing white Burgundy issued from the Chardonnay grape, but also essentially red wines issued from the Pinot Noir grape in the best climates of the Côte.
Product at Trade Tasting: Domaine Mongerad-Mugneret Bourgogne Les Dames Huguettes

Famille Perrin

About Famille Perrin: Famille Perrin’s involvement in the wine trade can be traced back to 1909 and today the 5th generation of the family is involved in every aspect of the business. Famille Perrin’s range of wines enable you to discover the richness and diversity of the Southern Rhône Valley.
Product at Trade Tasting: Famille Perrin Vinsobres, Cotes de Rhone

J. de Villebois

About J. de Villebois: J. de Villebois is a family winery owned by Joost and Miguela de Willebois. Over the last 15 years, Villebois has become one of the leading Sauvignon Blanc producers in the Loire Valley with a unique range of Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir wines cultivated in its own vineyards.
Product at Trade Tasting: J. de Villebois Pouilly-Fumé

La Vieille Ferme

About La Vieille Ferme: Jean-Pierre Perrin established La Vieille Ferme over 45 years ago and has continued its dedication to quality, value and innovation with their still wines and, most recently, with the introduction of a new and revolutionary method for producing sparkling wine in 2018.
Product at Trade Tasting: La Vieille Ferme Rosé

Domaine Les Alexandrins

About Alexandrins: Maison & Domaines Les Alexandrins is the story of three friends combining the savoir-faire they learned from their parents and grandparents and the fruits from beautiful and historic terroirs. Today, Maison & Domaines Les Alexandrins produces Northern Rhône wines that are true and classic expressions of the region.
Product at Trade Tasting: Domaine Les Alexandrins Crozes-Hermitage

Marqués de Cáceres 

About Marqués de Cáceres: In 1970, Enrique Forner founded Marqués de Cáceres Unión Vitivinícola S.A., a historic alliance of growers in the village of Cenicero in the Rioja Alta subregion of Rioja. They work with one single objective: producing the highest quality wines.
Products at Trade Tasting: Marques de Caceres Cava Brut and Reserva

Massolino Wines

About Massolino: Founded in 1896, Massolino makes wine with passion in its land of origin, preserving the typical characteristics of indigenous grape varieties. Central to the winery’s philosophy is the conviction that there is a deep, tangible link between the vines, hills, and winegrowers, whose connection and affinity to the land grows more profound with each passing year.
Product at Trade Tasting: Massolino Barbera d’Alba

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